Laboratory active until January 23, 2022

The environmental crisis is one of the most pressing concerns for all humanity in the contemporary age.
contemporary. Today’s environmental problems require on the one hand new economic policies foreconomic policies for growth and development, on the other hand a new empathic relationship between the human species, other living species and the non-living world. During the visit to the exhibition children will be offered a different point of observation aimed at developing empathy towards the nature and to conceive the Earth as a living organism in which every form of life and every natural place has the same value and every natural place has the same value and importance of us human beings. Taking their cue from Lia Cecchin’s work OBE, 2021, the students will be invited to re-elaborate images of natural places, transforming and integrating them with real or imaginary personal visions in order to imaginary to inhabit them with their own passions and emotions and make them a mirror of their own interiority. The work will then be transformed into a structure decomposable, which will give life to new scenarios but also to reflect on how the ties and natural balances how ties and natural balances can be delicate.

Primary – Secondary School: Starting from a photographic image in A4 or A5, the students will continue to
inventing its contours on black cardboard with oil pastels and colored pencils. Everyone
will be able to re-elaborate their own landscape following their own feelings and listening to the sensations
that the image arouses by inserting themselves in some way in the created environment. Subsequently
they will all be decomposed in order to recompose them by integrating one to the other putting in
connecting the works.