Laboratory active until January 23, 2022

Being part of the world means coming into contact with all living beings, whether animal or vegetable. Diversity then becomes a resource to the extent that, in nature, diversity is a wealth and the guarantee of continuation and preservation of life. Coming into contact with what is different from us leads us to encounter forms and languages that are incomprehensible to us, but not nonexistent. Marco Giordano’s work In Our Midst poses us one of these challenges and allows us to reflect on the multidimensionality of universal language, on the communicative capacities of plants and on the need to expand our concept of interaction.

Secondary school: In the workshop, the theme of diversity will be taken up and reworked in a work of imagination and transformation. White clay, a natural material linked to the earth, will be the material that will allow them to give themselves the shape of a three-dimensional flower. Shapes, colors, signs, will become the language to express themselves and facilitate communication with others. The challenge will be to seek a translation of one’s physical and character traits into natural and floral forms. How do I represent my shyness? With what form do I express my feelings? What position would I assume in space if I were a flower? With what non-verbal language would I communicate my emotions? The activity should help children not to fear the judgment of others and to express their differences by communicating them with a new language.