15.07.2022 - 23.10.2022

Cinema di alpinismo e arrampicata

Curated by Marco Ribetti

Trento, Palazzo Roccabruna, 29 April– 28 May 2022
Ceresole, Casa Alpina, 3 July – 18 September 2022
Torino, Museomontagna, 15 July – 23 October 2022




From the first mountaineering film to the digital cinema of the new millennium, passing through subject films and documentary footage, along a span of one hundred and twenty years, as many as the filmography that has had mountains and the art of climbing them among its protagonists since its origins.
A detached section of the exhibition, produced by Museomontagna, has already been presented by IREN in the exhibition space of the Casa Alpina at the Ceresole Reale dam where it will be open until September 18.
The first exhibition was in Trento last April, in collaboration with the local Chamber of Commerce and on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Trento Film Festival.
The project stemmed from research carried out for the book of the same name published by the Italian Alpine Club with the National Mountain Museum and the International Alliance for Mountain Film, a network that unites the most important players in the field (28 members from 20 countries around the world).
The exhibition traces the long history of mountaineering film by dwelling on its most significant chapters. From Europe to the Americas, from Russia to Australia and New Zealand: challenge, adventure, peaks and glaciers, individual quest, national prides, roped parties, conquest of the useless, shared fatigue, athletic gestures and equipment have all been immortalized by the films or modern digital tools of this film genre never officially recognized by either critics or production, but beloved by fans of the world of heights.
The exhibition – curated by Marco Ribetti, deputy director of Museomontagna and curator of the Historic Film Library and Video Library, with texts by Roberto Mantovani, journalist and mountaineering historian – features original posters and stills selected from the approximately 8,000 assets of the Cinema Documentation Fund of Museomontagna’s Iconographic Collections and film sequences from its Historic Film Library and Video Library, which holds about 4,000 titles.