16.07.2024 - 31.12.2024

We celebrate our 150th anniversary with a year of events.


150 years have passed since the Vedetta Alpina was inaugurated at the Monte dei Cappuccini in Turin in 1874, a terrace equipped with a telescope through which to observe 450 kilometers of the Alpine arc.
In 2024 the Museo Nazionale della Montagna in Turin, celebrates its 150th anniversary with a rich multidisciplinary program focused on the theme of walking: a practice of knowledge, openness and immersion into the environment, but also a metaphor for achievements that
has reached and will reach the institution, exploring the major themes of contemporaneity.

Below are the main Museomontagna exhibitions and projets in 2024:


Bones of the earth. Primo Levi and the Mountain
From 26th January to 13th October, 2024

The exhibition is presented on the occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day 2024, in collaboration with the Centro Studi Primo Levi, and is dedicated to the figure of Primo Levi and his relationship with the highlands. The exhibition is structured around the words of the protagonist, to historical photographs, objects, documents and video extracts, from public and private archives, as well as from the writer family and the Museum Documentation Centre.


Stay with Me. A Whole Growing Exhibition
Until 1st April, 2024

An ongoing program around the exhibition Stay with Me, focused on the theme of walking, analyzed from a broad perspective with a series of panel events, workshops and artistic events involving locally active creative figures, Italian and international and historical institutions such as the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti of Turin. The exhibition is curated by Andrea Lerda.


K2. New permanent exhibition on the 70th anniversary of the Italian expedition
As from 29th March, 2024

A new permanent exhibition dedicated to K2, the world second highest mountain, set up with original, historically or recently acquired documents, photographs, videos, equipment and clothing, to celebrate the second highest mountain in the world, but the most challenging
in terms of technical difficulty and danger, and a great Italian post-war history.


Alberto di Fabio. OROGENESIS
Paintings and drawings of the 1990s
From 24th April to 20th October 2024

Alberto Di Fabio celebrates the mountain as a physical and mental place through a unique depiction. The exhibition – the first that an Italian institution dedicates to the author’s production of the 1990s – presents a selection of paintings and works on paper, some of them never exhibited. The exhibition is curated by Andrea Lerda.



Mali Weil. School of Interspecies Diplomacy at the Museomontagna
From March to September 2024

After the exhibition The Mountain of Advanced Dreams in 2023, the Mali Weil collective returns to the Museomontagna with an unpublished art project. Interspecies diplomacy, the exploration of otherness and the development of ecological thinking are the protagonists of a narrative on the museum social channels and website. Artists give a shape to speculative language to communicate environmental sustainability also through a site-specific intervention on the Panoramic Terrace, opened from 24th April to 2nd June, 2024. The project is curated by Andrea Lerda.

Walking Mountains
From 29th October, 2024 to 30th May, 2025

Walking Mountains is the exhibition that closes a more than year-long pathway, started with the exhibition Stay with Me. The mountain as a space of resonance in 2023, focused on the theme of walking. The project will present the work of contemporary local, Italian and international artists, offering an overview of walking practice in contemporary research and Walking Art. Exceptional mentor for the initiative was the founder of Walking Art, Hamish Fulton, with walking artist Michael Hopfner. The project is curated by Andrea Lerda.


It was like going to the moon K2 1954
From 31st October, 2024 to 30th March, 2025

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Italian expedition to K2, the Museo Nazionale della Montagna in Turin presents an exhibition that narrates the enterprise from an unprecedented point of view: the contribution of Italian industry, which was able to develop innovative materials within a few months, tested by the expedition mountaineers and became fundamental in the evolution of alpinism. The exhibition is curated by Leonardo Bizzaro, Roberto Mantovani and Vinicio Stefanello.


To enhance the calendar, temporary open-air installations on the Panoramic terrace, a wide range of educational activities, collaborations and exchanges with other local and international organizations, literary reviews with the CAI National Library and at least two exhibitions designed and produced by the Museum and presented in other locations: Rock The Mountain! The mountain in the iconography of pop music at the Casa Alpina in Ceresole Reale and The Mountain Touch at the MUSE – Museum of Sciences in Trento.