11.11.2023 - 24.03.2024

A program of events on the theme of walking

Curated by Andrea Lerda


In 2024 the National Mountain Museum of Turin will celebrate the 150th anniversary of its foundation. An important moment that, as part of the Sustainability Programme, will be celebrated through a multidisciplinary artistic program centred on the theme of walking, of which the exhibition Stay with Me. The Mountain as A Space of Resonance represents the initial moment.

The image of a Museum moving towards the future, exploring and speculatively tackling the great themes of the contemporary world, symbolically merges with the long journey to date of the original initiative of the first members of the Italian Alpine Club.

Stay with Me. A Whole Growing Exhibition is conceived as an exhibition in the making, a wide-ranging and temporally up-to-date investigation of the path from a historical-artistic, social and environmental perspective.
Through the involvement of those who inhabit the Highlands today, of the Piedmontese and Turin art scene, and thanks to the dialogue with a series of Italian and international key figures, the project will act as a condenser of visions and energies, consolidating the figure of the Museomontagna and the city of Turin as strategic places for reflection on the major themes affecting the mountains of the present and future.

The path will flow into the exhibition A Walking Mountain, at Museomontagna from November 2024.


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Next event:

26-27 JANUARY 2024


Two days of study on the theme of walking at the Museomontagna and the Accademia Albertina in Turin.
Starting from the research of the British artist Hamish Fulton, founder of Walking Art in the 1970s, the two-day workshop, open to the public, is an opportunity to carry out a partial reconnaissance of the theme of walking within the practice of figures active in Piedmont and Italy and on the international scene.


26 JANUARY 2024 I 10.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.
Albertina Academy, Auditorium

A series of artists active on the Piedmont and Italian territory, who in various ways have explored the theme of the walk within their practice, are invited to dialogue on the numerous meanings of an archaic gesture that today sees its value and symbolism renewed. The panel is open to the general public, the artistic community and students of all levels. Admission is free. Reservations are not necessary.

Speakers: Andrea Caretto I Raffaella Spagna; Bepi Ghiotti; Antonio Rovaldi, in dialogue with Italo Testa, Andrea Lerda and Cristina Giudice

Speakers: Giorgio Andreotta Calò; Claudia Losi; Marzia Migliora, in dialogue with Italo Testa, Andrea Lerda and Cristina Giudice


27 JANUARY 2024 I 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Hamish Fulton – Michael Höpfner

Museomontagna, Sala degli Stemmi

Hamish Fulton and Michael Höpfner talk with curator Andrea Lerda about the practice of Walking Art and the recent publication “Hamish Fulton I Michael Höpfner. From Here to Tibet. A conversation between two walking artists”, published by Humboldt books. Admission to the talk requires a museum entrance ticket. Click HERE to check museum admission fees.