24.04.2024 - 02.06.2024

A site-specific intervention by Mali Weil
on the Panoramic Terrace of the Museomontagna

Curated by Andrea Lerda


The National Mountain Museum presents a new site-specific intervention on the Panoramic terrace designed by the Mali Weil collective.
The project is realised within the framework of the Next Generation You call for proposalsof the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, takes shape in the broader of the School of Interspecies Diplomacy initiative: an experimental communication project on sustainability, hosted by the Museum from February to August 2024 on social channels and the website.
The intervention, which is conceived as a kind of temporary camp, represents a moment of intermediate and on-site restitution of this project.

Designed to dialogue with the Sustainability Programme and with the communication strategy of the institution, the School is currently engaged in a research path that explores imagery, cultures and narratives of the past, present and future of certain practices of interspecies proximity in Alpine territories, particularly investigating conceptual elements and historical customs of village hunting, falconry and taxidermy.

Relations that, although not exclusively represented in the mountain world, outline forms of cohabitation, negotiation, intimacy and conflict with the environment and species that directly or indirectly contribute to co-constructing it. With environmental, political, economic, relational and epistemological implications.

The ‘diplomatic’ tent set up on the Panorama Terrace thanks to a partnership with the Ferrino company, becomes the temporary physical space from which to observe the project and its context: from the Alps to the city, from peregrine falcons nesting on the Mole Antonelliana to passing species on the Po corridor, continuing with the production of content for the web and interfacing with the museum broader cultural and artistic vision.

The collaboration with Mali Weil continues the work undertaken by Museomontagna since 2018, aimed at proposing speculative narratives capable of generating a paradigm shift in the relationship between human beings, mountain ecosystems and the Earth  inhabitants more generally.



Mali Weil
School of Interspecies Diplomacy at the National Mountain Museum
A project by:
Mali Weil

Realised by:
Museo Nazionale della Montagna

Curated by:
Andrea Lerda

As part of the:
Museomontagna Sustainability Programme

Club Alpino Italiano, City of Turin

Supported by:
Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Regione Piemonte, Camera di Commercio Industria e
Artigianato di Torino

With the collaboration of:
Biblioteca Nazionale del Club Alpino Italiano

Technical sponsor:

Thanks for the collaboration:
Parco Alpi Marittime
Torino Airport
Mondo Rapaci Cirié
Tenuta Bonicelli