Laboratory active until 20-02-2022

nvestigating and getting to know the figure of Walter Bonatti means discovering the story not only of the historical and famous feats that saw him explore the entire globe, but also of his logistical and organizational skills, strength and courage, his relationship with his expedition companions, and his love for an often hostile nature. The biography of the “King of the Alps” can therefore be an excellent starting point to reinterpret, rewrite and narrate.

Elementary school II cycle and secondary school I degree: The boys, working in small groups, will be engaged in a workshop of creative writing that, starting from news learned and suggestions experienced in the exhibition, can help them to enrich their imaginative and descriptive skills, to deepen the method of writing a text and to identify and give voice to all that life that silently surrounds us and that our senses, misted and distracted by the contemporary “noise”, struggling to perceive.